Core Values:

  • Respect for All
  • Being transparent and fair in all our dealings.
  • Being unconventional and entrepreneurial in our approach.
  • Giving equal opportunities to our employees for career advancement.
  • Promoting apolitical work place.
  • Zero tolerance to unfair/unethical professional/personal conduct and business practices.
  • Zealously adhere to rigorous workplace health and safety norms for all our employees and surrounding environment irrespective of their locations.


  • “Being selective and unique in our approach and caring about the human values and relationships.”

Engagement and Communication

In order to encourage and foster continuous and transparent communication channels across the length and breadth of the organization a structured "Communication Calendar" is followed. This includes various mechanisms like - Branch Visits, Skip Level chats, Town Halls, Intranet, Internet, Mass Mailers, Health and Wellness initiatives, hobbies and fun activities. Through such communication platforms employees get opportunities for skip level, leadership level and cross functional interaction. These channels are also actively used for seeking feedback, knowledge sharing and engagement initiatives.